Email # 6 ( 3 of 3 ) ‘3 hours left: ‘Snooze Button’

This is the 3rd email in the series.

It's a final reminder to order before the promotion expires.

The Ultimate Guide

to Maximizing Leads.

Getting them is hard. Maximize them.

Why It's Important

It's the last opportunity to boost your sales.

How To Use It

Use it by itself, or part of an automated series of emails. See how it works, live.

EMAIL # 6 (3-3)  '3 hoursleft: Snooze Button'


Hey one last friendly reminder about tonight's deadline...

If you've been hitting the "snooze button" for a few days, and haven't picked up your copy of "[Product Name Here]" yet...

Now is your last chance to get [more than half off the program and the three extra bonuses]...

Because this offer expires in 3 hours - at [deadline text].

[expiring link here]

If you're looking for [their desired end benefit here], pick up a risk-free copy before the price more than doubles at midnight:

CLOSING: Special deal for "[Product Name Here]"

[expiring link here]

Talk soon,

[Your Name Here]

PS - [Reveal an alternate benefit that isn't the main benefit but still very powerful]

[expiring link here]

PS#2 - [Reverse the risk and remind them that they risk nothing by taking you up on your offer... they can change their mind later and describe your amazing guarantee]

PS#3 - [Great client testimonial here. Include their name and picture if you have their permission]


The One Minute Case Study Learning Videos: #2 Securing Customer Approval

Securing customer approval for your case study is simple and easy when you clearly communicate the process, benefits and expectations of the project with your customers.

Email # 6 (1 of 3) ‘Morning : Today’s the last day’

This is the 1st of the 6th email in the series.

More FAQ's to boost last day sales.

Why It's Important

It gives them all the information they need to know with a limited time left to act on it before the sale ends.

How To Use It

Use it by itself, or part of an automated series of emails. See how it works, live.

EMAIL # 6 (1 of 3) 'Morning : Today's the last day'


Today’s the last day to get in on the [promotion name] for my [product name].

It expires tonight at [deadline text].

This deadline is real.

So please jump on this deal now:

[expiring link here]

What you’re still thinking this over?

Ok, well if you have some lingering questions before you take action I want to list out some of the ones we get most often:


Q: What exactly is in "[product name here]"


"[product name here]" is my step-by-step training program that will have you [enjoying desired end benefit] in just [short period of time] without [thing they hate].

The secret is in the [specific method used to achieve the end result that only your program has]

Which is exactly opposite of what so called "experts" have been telling you to do.

Learn more about the program HERE


Q: Are there any bonuses included?



I'm all about giving my students ALL the tools they need when it comes to mastering [desired end benefit]

Bonus #1 - "[bonus name]"

[details about bonus 1]

Bonus #2 - "[bonus name]"

[details about bonus 2]

Bonus #3 - "[bonus name]"

[details about bonus 3]

Claim your FREE bonuses HERE


Q: How much does it cost?


Normally, a training course that finally gets you [ desired end benefit ] would be valued at around $aaa to $bbb.

Add in the bonuses, and we're talking around $yyy - $zzz...

But right now, because we're passionate about getting this info into as many hands as possible...

We're running a VERY special deal...

Where you can get "[product name here]," and all the bonuses, for just $XX bucks.

But this price will ONLY be available for a limited time.

After that?

The deal (and the bonuses) are OFF.

So... Right now? The offer still stands...

Want in? 🙂

Here's where you can claim your copy for this limited time low price:

Get "[product name here]" for only $xx


Q: Is there a guarantee?



In fact, when you claim your copy of "[product name here]," you have a full [XX] days to decide whether or not you want to keep it.

Meaning - you get an entire [xx] WEEKS to try out my training...

And if for ANY reason, you decide the program isn't for you?

Simply contact me or my staff for a full, prompt refund (our email address is inside the members portal).

No questions asked and no hassles.

Here's where you can take advantage of this risk-free trial of "[product name here]":

CLICK HERE to try "[product name here]" today


Q: How is the product shipped?


You will receive INSTANT, digital access to these training videos...

Which means that in just MINUTES from right now you could be well on your way to [enjoying your desired outcome]

There's nothing to ship, and you'll have access to the entire training program, plus bonuses, for LIFE.


Q: Where can i get a copy of "[product name here]"


Here's where you can get started:

CLICK HERE for "[product name here]"

Lastly, if you STILL have any unanswered questions, here's what I recommend:

Because the program is backed by a [xx] day, 100% money back guarantee...

It means you can try out the program 100% risk-free...

So don't try to decide if this program is right for you today...

Instead, join the program before this opportunity disappears - before the prices goes way up, or the program closes.

Then download everything to your computer.

Watch all the videos.

Go through the training.

Try out the techniques on court.

If you like it? Then keep it.

If not, all you need to do is send us a one-line email or give us a quick call letting us know, and you'll receive a 100% refund for every penny that you've paid.

No hoops to jump through or anything crazy like that.

So here's the link one last time:

Claim you risk-free copy of "[product name here]"

Alright, I'll leave you with that for today...


[Your Name]