Jim's Free Case Study Baker

Build a Case Study DRAFT in 2 Steps

1. Instant Access to a free, secure, Google Form where our Case Study experts have put together all the questions you need to answer. 

2. Google will send you a copy of all this for FREE.

3. Open your favorite document creator and get started!

Customer case studies are an excellent resource for me in sales. They allow my prospects to understand how I can solve similar challenges and achieve the same goals that they are trying to reach. "

Olivia Kirwan,

Corporate Territory Manager

Compare the FREE and PRO versions (they are both amazing, everyone agrees)

Pro Case Study Package

  • Uses the patent pending Case Study Baker.  
  • Produces a proofed PDF, .doc. docx and hosted web page of your Case Study.
  • Copywriting. Our expert copywriters turn your answers into compelling, reusable ad copy.
  • License Free Images included. Your images resized and retouched.
  • Match your website. Just give us the URL of the website you want to match. We'll do the rest.
  • Store your completed Case Study in our cloud for easy sharing. Come back and edit your form as many times as you like or start a new one anytime. 

Free Case Study Package

  • Uses the patent pending Case Study Baker.
  • The email from Google  is your only copy.  You must convert that to your preferred format.
  • Copywriting not included. You must write and proof read your compelling ad copy.
  • Images not included. You must resize and edit your own images.
  • Website match not included. You must find the style sheet of your website, and match it.
  • Once you complete the Bake, the Google email is your only copy. You can start a new Bake, but can not edit or save your previous Bake.

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