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Website maintenance is the practice of regularly checking your website for issues and errors.

Site Security

Make sure your website has the most recent software version activated.

Improving Your Visitor Experience

A well-maintained website helps you build a brand your customers can trust. It creates a great impression for your site visitors; encouraging them to return and take action.

  1. Fixing broken links
  2. Deleting duplicate pages
  3. Adding new, valuable content to your blog
  4. Removing pages for products you don’t offer anymore.
  5. Test All Your Contact and Opt-in Forms
  6. Make Sure Your Pages and Posts Load Properly
  7. Check how your most important pages load on different devices

Create a Backup for Your Site

Imagine having to build your website all over again from scratch. That’s why you need to backup your website regularly.

Update Your Plugins

Don’t ignore this alert. An outdated plugin can cause serious problems for your website – potentially even crashing it.

Test Your Online Store or Checkout Flow

Nothing’s worse than having a site visitor trying to buy, but can’t because your store is broken, so make sure to check your checkout flows on the regular! Review Your Website’s Performance To get started with site analytics, we recommend monitoring the following types of data: Traffic, Leads and Site Speed.


Most analytics tools will provide you with key insights on your website traffic, including:

    1. How long visitors stay on your site and the actions they take within a certain time period (sessions)
    2. The referring channel that directed visitors to your website (e.g. organic, email, referral, etc.) as well as the source (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
    3. If  visitors are new or returning


You’ll need to monitor Lead Quality and the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) for your business.

Site Speed

If your pages take forever to load, most of your visitors will bounce before seeing a thing. 

Quarterly Maintenance

  1. Add New Content to Your Blog
  2. Update and Optimize Existing Sales and Lead Generation Pages
  3. Answer Your Comments and Delete Any Spam

Yearly Maintenance

  1. Renew Your Annual Subscriptions.
  2. Review Site Content for Accuracy
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