When To Send It:

When a client gives you a referral, follow up quickly to introduce yourself and ask whether you can be of service. Introduce yourself to a lead you identified on a social network like LinkedIn or Twitter by sending a piece of helpful content.

Why It's Important

Mentioning the referring client catches the new lead’s attention, while providing background information helps to educate them if the referring client didn’t explain your product or service.

How To Use It

Use it by itself, or part of an automated series of emails. See how it works, live.

EMAIL # 3 Referral Follow - Up


Subject line:  [Referring client’s first and last name] recommended we connect

Hi [first name],


As you may know, [referring client’s first and last name] recommended I contact you.


My company, [your business’ name], has been helping [referring client’s first name] with [problem your business solves]. [Write a short description or a few bullet points highlighting your product or service, including a link to your website].


If you think our services might be useful to you, would you like to schedule a time to talk this week?


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