When To Send It:

Send this email to a non-responsive lead to find out whether they’re officially not interested in buying

Why It's Important

The reverse psychology might inspire them to reply with an explanation. Maybe the timing isn’t right, or they’ve simply been busy—in which case you can continue to work the sale. And if you confirm they’ll never buy, you can refocus your efforts on more promising leads.

How To Use It

Use it by itself, or part of an automated series of emails. See how it works, live.

EMAIL #9.  Last Attempt To Contact


Subject line: Taking you off the list

Hi [first name],

I’m reviewing my list of contacts I haven’t been able to connect with after a few attempts.

I don’t want to keep pestering you if you’re not interested in [your business’ name, product, or service]. Unless I hear otherwise, I’ll take you off my list. However, if you’re still interested, what do you recommend as a next step?


Thanks for your help.


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